Back again, part 4734 ...

So I've been away for more than a year and it's been full of activities. New GF, back on Aion, GF moving at my flat, new hobby impulse thanks to GF, etc ... All in all, she made me come back !

Now I am highly motived and under fierce adrenaline rush. I bought new stuff and realised that I do need some kind of plan to get things organised. I discovered a small PC program that will help me cut my project into smaller pieces. Here it is : http://www.warhammer-forum.com/index.php?showtopic=139155

It allows for a given amount of points to split the completion of your army into several sessions. Here, and according to the brand new Codex : Inquisition, I roughly have 900 points of pure inquisitorial force.

Here is how I plan the on-going process of assembling and painting my inquisitorial escort.
Steps are :
  1. Purchase
  2. Conversion
  3. Basecoat
  4. Paint job
  5. Basing

Each session should (hopefully) last 1 month ...

All in all, a lot of work to come so got to go to work on that !

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