En route to completion !

Back online, with more resolve and motivation.

Inquisitor Jacobus Sprenger

A newcomer to the project.


On the air

More of me on the interwebs.


Plastruct order received

Just a bit late, I received last Friday my order from Plastruct. It took a rather long time to arrive in France but I am in no hurry.

Saddly, I got a reference wrong because I wanted to have all my tubes able to fit in one another. Nevermind, I will cope with it.


Inquisitor step 01

So, I keep on working on my Arihman > Inquisitor Dvorak conversion. I wanted to get rid of the chaotic skull on his left shoulderpad so as to place an open book on it.

Here is how I did it, even if the last picture does not show the last state of the shoulder :p

Now I am still waiting for my Plastruck order and as soon as I have it I will get the GS book done.

I am also thinking of having a SoB-like retinue for him and since I am not really happy with GW models, I am trying to find alternatives. I found the following and with a little bit of GS and painting, it may hopefully give good results :)

Those two are from the AT-43 range and with a bit of GS may become Sisters Hospitaler

This one, from the Infinity range might also count as a female Vindicare Assassin> Once again, some cutting and GS might help.

All in all, I am slowing advancing but I am advancing :p


Champagne !

Just a quick word to say that I finally asked to be part of the Parade Ground as an Imperial Guard blogger! And that my application was accepted!!

I have been lurking at every IG blog in here since the creation of this blog roll and it represents for me a good way to become more and more enthousiast and motivated :)

I will now have to be more and more productive despite my heavy Aion : The Tower of Eternity practice ... sounds hard to fullfil but I'll do my best.


eBay order delivered and Plastruc order on the way

I received early this week my last order for some bitz for my Inquisitor. I am in the process of assembling and testing various combinations.

I don't have any picture of it atm but once I am satisfied with it, I will let you know

I am also waiting for some sheets ordered at Plastruc. Unfortunately, I don't know how much time will it take to be delivered and I hope it will arrive any time soon. I plan on using those sheets for my Land Raider custmization.


My bitz supplier

I forgot to mention that I was quite pleased with the professional work and care of Yagdavix. He runs an eBay shop with great care and professionalism and I invite you to sneek a peek at :


Cheers !

Delivery received and another order placed

Last Friday I eventually received my orders from eBay and I am really satisfied with the shipping time and condition. I will now be able to figure out a way to customize my Grand Inquisitor something like as follow :

I am not still sure about the head (which comes from the FW Cadians with respirators sprue) but it appears on the right scale for me, whereas the SM ones seems bigger.

Anyway, I have ordered the following and I will have the opportunity to test it.

The last two are for my WIP Inquisition Land Raider which I plan on doing like this one :

Concerning the test Cadian medic, it is still waiting for me ... Yeah, I got back to MMORPG, Aion that is ... yeah, what a shame ... :'(


Awaiting delivery

I also discovered the power of eBay and its fantastic world of bitz ! :p

So I placed a couple of orders that I am expecting hopefully next week. Just to let you know, here are the various pieces I ordered so as to boost my Inquisitor HQ, either with minor characters or basing details.

Here are the pictures :

Some bitz to to be added to my Inquisitor retinue.

Back to business

I eventually got back internet yesterday and did not loose time.
My minis are still in their respective boxes but this could not prevent small injuries ... they will need a bit of glueing, it's not that bad.

So I decided to finally begin my paintjob by testing the colour pattern with my HQ medic.

The model is from Forgeworld and I modified the left arm a bit to make it look like a surgeon. The respirator comes for the HQ box set which I bought a couple of months ago.

First things first, I used a ten years old Citadel primer and it worked fine. I don't have any pictures of him undercoated but I plan on doing a step-by-step report of the painting. Wish me luck ...


New home, new hope but no internet connection

Hi all, it's been a while since I gave any updates but my life changed a bit.
I eventually found a flat in Nantes !

Agrandir le plan

The flat has four rooms and is 52 square meters. The living room is really clear and faces SW.
But I still don't have any internet access. I am in the process of negociating a nice price with my ISP but they don't appear to be willing to do a single rebate. Wateva ...

I hope everything is still in good shape because I saw the guys manipulate the boxes and I fear that there will be a lot of glue job to be expected ...

Well, I will let you know as soon as I am back in the hobby :)


Bon anniversaire

Well well, it's been one year now since I first post on this blog. Things have been going rather slowly but I enjoyed them so far. I think it is time for a quick look back.

I got back to business after feeling bored by the MMORPG I was playing last summer and was looking forward to participate in the Guild Beta of Warhammer Online. So I spent a couple of months tidying and gluing my Imperial Guards.

Then the Beta launched and I spent less time to the Hobby. But I was quickly disappointed at the release of Warhammer Online and eventually went back to the hobby and some minor MMORPG.

I only played 3 games in one year, lost all of them, but increased the ranks of my valorous guardsmen.

Now that I was about to paint the first colour scheme test, I had to move home. So, another delay in the completion of my objectives... fingers crossed...

Anyway, it's been a year of fun and it was really interesting to get in touch with some members of the community. Ideas wildly flourished and I had to struggle before getting flooded :p
So this is it, I hope to get back to business once I have my new flat (within a couple of weeks hopefully).

I'll keep in touch from time to time before then :)


Packing time

Now is packing time!

The time has come to fill up boxes with the whole mess that is my 'hobby desk'. Pieces of FW kits, tools, glue, bitz and minis are to be properly packed. Moving day is Thursday so I guess I am not that late :p

See you as soon as I have an internet connection :)


One step forward

So I am slowly advancing towards the realisation of a color scheme test.

I recently bought some Mechrite Red, Red Gore and Blood Red. I still have (after more than 10 years!) some Chaos Black.

As I previously said, I plan on opting for a red/black colour scheme, with a swap of both colours depending on whether they are on regular or veteran/assault troops. Vehicles should be mostly black but with no camo scheme.

I also enventually bought the Cadian command squad along with a set of brushes and already have plenty of projects in mind ;)



Well, I have now undertaken some changes in both my blog and my will to keep on moving forward in the hobby. I am about to move home and will loose my internet connection, leaving me with some more time before getting back to Daoc. Furthermore, my main computer just crashed unexpectedly and I can't figure out what's wrong with him ...

So I changed the layout of the blog, giving him some space to breath. The right columns are not yet finished, some widgets missing but it's not a big deal.
I also chose to write in English from now on because I'd like to get more involved in the community. But I managed to include in each and every post a French version of the content. A simple click on the will make it appear.

On the other hand, I am planning on buying a few more IG units to complete and balance my present army list. I am aslo about to buy the army builder from Lone Wolf but that will wait until I have a rather flexible amount of painted IG units.

So this is pretty much it, see you back around :)


Back ?

Et bien beaucoup de changement dans les semaines a venir.

Je suis muté dans ma région d'origine, la Bretagne ! Et chui super content :)

Du coup, je n'aurais pu de net pendant un temps et comme il faut que je m'occupe, je vais tres certainement reprendre le hobby. D'ailleurs c'est trop tard, je viens d'acheter le nouveau codex GI ! Que de jolies bonnes choses dans ces pages ! Il me reste toujours des trous a combler mais à terme, je sens que je vais renforcer mon armée avec les unités suivantes :
La superbe splendide Valkyrie ! Et plus précisement, un escadron de 3

Evidement, cette escouade viendra remplacer certaines de mes figs en métal et remplir ma bitzbox ;)

Comme mon Basilisk se sent un peu seul, je pense l'accompagner de 2 Medusa/Colossus, mais j'attendrais de voir si GW sort des modeles

Je pense bien evidement rajouter des escouades ainsi que des Conseillers. J'ai deja une ptite liste sous la main. Mais ce sera une liste 100% GI. D'ici la, j'espere pouvoir combler les trous de mes WH, m'en reste plus beaucoup. Et puis faudra peindre tout ca aussi ...



Bon, apres tant d'inactivité bloggesque, je décide d'arreter le hobby GW. Je suis retombé dans mes amours pixeliennes et suis retourné a DAOC (Dark Age of Camelot) et ce jusqu'a je sais pas quand. C'est le premier MMORPG que j'ai découvert et il a beaucoup changé, de facon positive ;)

Donc je mets toute mon activité en suspend en attendant de m'y remettre. C'est dommage, j'étais plutot bien parti, mais voila, si on ne met pas la main a la poche, on avance pas. Et comparé a 12€ d'abonnement pour jouer un mois complet sur DAOC, je vais pas bien loin a GW ...

Bref, pour le peut de gens qui suivaient ce blog, je vous dis a la prochaine ou comme on dit a DAOC, '@+ sous l'bus !' :D