En route to completion !

Back online, with more resolve and motivation.

Inquisitor Jacobus Sprenger

A newcomer to the project.


On the air

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Packing time

Now is packing time!

The time has come to fill up boxes with the whole mess that is my 'hobby desk'. Pieces of FW kits, tools, glue, bitz and minis are to be properly packed. Moving day is Thursday so I guess I am not that late :p

See you as soon as I have an internet connection :)


One step forward

So I am slowly advancing towards the realisation of a color scheme test.

I recently bought some Mechrite Red, Red Gore and Blood Red. I still have (after more than 10 years!) some Chaos Black.

As I previously said, I plan on opting for a red/black colour scheme, with a swap of both colours depending on whether they are on regular or veteran/assault troops. Vehicles should be mostly black but with no camo scheme.

I also enventually bought the Cadian command squad along with a set of brushes and already have plenty of projects in mind ;)