En route to completion !

Back online, with more resolve and motivation.

Inquisitor Jacobus Sprenger

A newcomer to the project.


On the air

More of me on the interwebs.


Ogryns - Part III

So I got to watch Starship Troopers Invasion and was like, waow !

A kind of way I see it ;)

For those who did not watch it, here is a trailer :

And therefore I chose to make the lower part of my Ogryns body like the marines'.

I thinks it will fit more a GWish spirit rather than a Mangaesque feel. I hope to get moving on them by this weekend.


My tools

As years go by, I tend to acquire more and more tools. Here is a few of my precious tools that I use everytime I come back to the Hobby.

A few carving tools. A classic for GS sculping.

What we call a third hand in French. No need for descriptions on its use here.

 A smallscale vise for my heavy drilling.

And my Ogryns torturer, my mini driller.

Of course there are a few other things which are just custom made or use as suched but they are not relevant here.

So, this is it. I need to pace up on my Ogryns but unfortunately, BF3 is blocking the way ...