En route to completion !

Back online, with more resolve and motivation.

Inquisitor Jacobus Sprenger

A newcomer to the project.


On the air

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Some old stuff and new stuff

I go fed up with the drilling and torturing with my ogryns so I took care of some of Dvorak's henchmen. Just a temporary base to allow priming and think on a unity for the bases. So are available as henchmen for my Inquisitor :

  • 3 FW cervo-skulls
  • 1 cherubim
  • 3 priests
  • 5 Ogryns that count as either shooting or CC warriors
  • 2 psykers
I'll post pictures of the host sooner or later but that makes a lot of people.

I think my inquisitor's front is finished, I now need to think about the back ... A backpack ? Fur colar ? Banner pole ? I have yet to decide ... I am also willing to discover molds and everything around em. The lower edge of Dvorak's robes would need some gothic written words and such, for freehanding seems a bit out of reach for me.

And to move around this mob, there is no such things as a Land Raider.

A long time ago I bought a Crusader but eventually decided  to let it as a simple ordinary Land Raider. I plan to make it look like the Land Raider Maximus and plan to order a few bitz of Sanctum Imperialis and WFB Empire Hurricanum.

Well, that gives a lot of time to get set. I'd like to try freehanding on it, but I first need to come with a clear view of how to customize it.

So, plenty of things to do. Maybe at least four or five other years ;)


Ogryns - Part III

So I got to watch Starship Troopers Invasion and was like, waow !

A kind of way I see it ;)

For those who did not watch it, here is a trailer :

And therefore I chose to make the lower part of my Ogryns body like the marines'.

I thinks it will fit more a GWish spirit rather than a Mangaesque feel. I hope to get moving on them by this weekend.


My tools

As years go by, I tend to acquire more and more tools. Here is a few of my precious tools that I use everytime I come back to the Hobby.

A few carving tools. A classic for GS sculping.

What we call a third hand in French. No need for descriptions on its use here.

 A smallscale vise for my heavy drilling.

And my Ogryns torturer, my mini driller.

Of course there are a few other things which are just custom made or use as suched but they are not relevant here.

So, this is it. I need to pace up on my Ogryns but unfortunately, BF3 is blocking the way ...


Ogryns - Part II

Now is the time to go on with the drilling.

A second Ogryn is under heavy polishing.

I am also trying to figure out how to make their heavy bolters. It's going smoothly but I'll try to make a manga-like drum feeder.

Stay tuned, I off on holidays for week, there surely will be more to come :)


Ogryns, a new look

I have decided for long time to give my Ogryns a kind of modern if not sci-fi look. Far from being completly dumb, they will serve Inquisitor Dvorak as heavy weapons and close combat servitors.

I took inspiration from these two pictures :

This one for the lower part (legs and feet)

This one for the torso and head

It's going to be quite tough but my Dremmel-like drill is already up and working. I am getting rid of the small details on the legs (groin plate, zips, patches).

The next step is a crossroad, should I cast the legs as such (for the two other henchmen) or should I eventually get to play with GS and sculpt the legs like the first picture ? I am not yet decided ...

I will also have to polish the torso and make sure they loose some weight so as to fit in the breastplate I want them to wear.

It took a look on the WH codex and in fact, all my five Ogryns will be converted.

The Warrior . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 points

(Veteran Guardsman/Combat Servitor/Gun Servitor/Crusader)
The Inquisitor has an affinity for martial actions and a fine
appreciation of the value of ranged firepower.
He has trained extensively in both ranged combat and close assault,
and ensures that he is well equipped to fight the minions of the witch
as well as the witch itself. He is invariably accompanied by
accomplished and well-armed warriors, capable of laying down
covering fire or protecting him from harm at the hands of heretics
and traitors. These warriors range from the Inquisitor’s own personal
guards to experienced, hard-bitten Imperial Guardsmen and Battle-
Servitors, cybernetically altered to the extent that they are more
weapon than man.
The Inquisitor gains +1 WS if he has any Warriors in his retinue.
All Warrior Henchmen have BS 4 (except the Crusader who has
WS 4 instead), a 4+ Armour save, a hellgun, targeter, and both frag
and krak grenades.
A Crusader must exchange his hellgun and targeter for a power
sword and suppression shield at +10 points. The suppression shield
counts as an additional close combat weapon and gives the
Crusader a 4+ Invulnerable save.
A Veteran Guardsman may exchange his hellgun for one of the
following weapon options: hellpistol and close combat weapon at no
extra cost; shotgun at no extra cost; flamer at +5 points; plasma gun
at +10 points; meltagun at +10 points; grenade launcher at +10 points.
Combat Servitors must exchange their hellgun for a power fist and
close combat weapon at +15 points.
Gun Servitors must exchange their hellguns for one of the following
weapons: multi-melta at +25 points; heavy bolter at +15 points. Up to
one Gun Servitor in each Inquisitor’s retinue may instead be
equipped with a plasma cannon at +35 points.
I think I will have two CC servitors and three gun servitors. The CC servitors will have a powerglove inspired by this image :

and a circular saw but onehanded version :

I finished trimming a second pair of legs for one of the gun servitors, now I need to decide and find a way to swap heavy weapons between heavy bolter, heavy plasma and multi melta.

To be continued ...


Back in business !

After two years of intense MMORPG play, I lately encountered a Rift subscription failure, allowing me to put my nose back into the Hobby. Even if I will go back to this game, I will keep a slow but steady pace in achieving my goals.
Speaking of which, Inquisitor Dvorak is coated with dust for too long, my would-be manga-esque Ogryns are window-shopping and my Land Raider is awaiting some pimping.

Stay tuned ...