Some old stuff and new stuff

I go fed up with the drilling and torturing with my ogryns so I took care of some of Dvorak's henchmen. Just a temporary base to allow priming and think on a unity for the bases. So are available as henchmen for my Inquisitor :

  • 3 FW cervo-skulls
  • 1 cherubim
  • 3 priests
  • 5 Ogryns that count as either shooting or CC warriors
  • 2 psykers
I'll post pictures of the host sooner or later but that makes a lot of people.

I think my inquisitor's front is finished, I now need to think about the back ... A backpack ? Fur colar ? Banner pole ? I have yet to decide ... I am also willing to discover molds and everything around em. The lower edge of Dvorak's robes would need some gothic written words and such, for freehanding seems a bit out of reach for me.

And to move around this mob, there is no such things as a Land Raider.

A long time ago I bought a Crusader but eventually decided  to let it as a simple ordinary Land Raider. I plan to make it look like the Land Raider Maximus and plan to order a few bitz of Sanctum Imperialis and WFB Empire Hurricanum.

Well, that gives a lot of time to get set. I'd like to try freehanding on it, but I first need to come with a clear view of how to customize it.

So, plenty of things to do. Maybe at least four or five other years ;)

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