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Inquisitor step 01

So, I keep on working on my Arihman > Inquisitor Dvorak conversion. I wanted to get rid of the chaotic skull on his left shoulderpad so as to place an open book on it.

Here is how I did it, even if the last picture does not show the last state of the shoulder :p

Now I am still waiting for my Plastruck order and as soon as I have it I will get the GS book done.

I am also thinking of having a SoB-like retinue for him and since I am not really happy with GW models, I am trying to find alternatives. I found the following and with a little bit of GS and painting, it may hopefully give good results :)

Those two are from the AT-43 range and with a bit of GS may become Sisters Hospitaler

This one, from the Infinity range might also count as a female Vindicare Assassin> Once again, some cutting and GS might help.

All in all, I am slowing advancing but I am advancing :p