Bon anniversaire

Well well, it's been one year now since I first post on this blog. Things have been going rather slowly but I enjoyed them so far. I think it is time for a quick look back.

I got back to business after feeling bored by the MMORPG I was playing last summer and was looking forward to participate in the Guild Beta of Warhammer Online. So I spent a couple of months tidying and gluing my Imperial Guards.

Then the Beta launched and I spent less time to the Hobby. But I was quickly disappointed at the release of Warhammer Online and eventually went back to the hobby and some minor MMORPG.

I only played 3 games in one year, lost all of them, but increased the ranks of my valorous guardsmen.

Now that I was about to paint the first colour scheme test, I had to move home. So, another delay in the completion of my objectives... fingers crossed...

Anyway, it's been a year of fun and it was really interesting to get in touch with some members of the community. Ideas wildly flourished and I had to struggle before getting flooded :p
So this is it, I hope to get back to business once I have my new flat (within a couple of weeks hopefully).

I'll keep in touch from time to time before then :)

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